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Mental Injury Case Evaluation

Screening Factors of Plaintiffâs Attorney When Evaluating Mental and Emotional Injury Claims that resulted from Accident Cases

Much of the mental health cases are multilayered trauma cases that often include harassment, discrimination and even sexual abuse, but many are cases involving singular trauma like product liability, construction injuries or medical malpractice cases. All of these cases are hard to prove even with proficient legal representation. Attorneys determine if they will take these cases based upon several factors.

The defendant must be clearly liable in these cases in order for attorneys to consider them, and the type of injury causing event is a consideration. The plaintiffâs physical injuries, whether the injuries are more than the plaintiff can cope with, the amount of physical and mental trauma and the nature of the defendant are also deciding factors. Other factors can include provability as well as the plaintiffâs credibility, vulnerabilities and whether the defendant clearly caused the injuries. The extent of insurance coverage, whether treatment for all injuries has commenced, and if all of the injuries contribute to the plaintiff ability to function normally in society like having a job and caring for themselves independently are also grave consideration in these cases.

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