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What If Another Person or Company Causes My Injuries?

What If Another Person or Company Causes My Injuries?

What If Another Person or Company Causes My Injuries?

If someone else injures me and I file a claim, what happens to them?
If you are injured, the person or company you believe caused your injuries is called the defendant.Chester NY County Personal Injury LawyerFollowing an accident, the insurance company for the defendant, also called the insured, assigns the case to an insurance adjuster. The adjuster takes statements from their insured, usually recorded, and may also prepare a report.

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The insurance company rarely updates their insured during the settlement process. The persons responsible for your injuries move on with their lives, essentially unaffected by what took place. In the case of a medical malpractice case, the defendants may be more involved than in a typical case.

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What happens to the defendant if the case doesn’t settle?
If your lawyer can’t settle your case with the insurance company, your attorney files a lawsuit. The insurance company notifies the defendant once this happens and chooses an attorney to defend them during the litigation process. The insurance company pays the defendant’s attorney fees, as well as any settlement or award you may receive. Talk to an attorney to learn about the ways they might be able to help if you are injured by another person or company.

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