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Central Valley injury attorneyIn this blog, a Central Valley injury attorney offers information on the factors that affect when you might expect your case to go to trial.

No Definite Answer
There is no answer that even the most skilled, experienced Central Valley injury attorney can give to the question of exactly when your trial might be set. Too many issues can arise that may affect the scheduling for your attorney to be specific. It may be as little as 12 months in some areas or two or more years in others.

Factors Affecting the Date
Your Central Valley injury attorney must consider factors such as the following in order to make a useful estimate:

  • Case volume in your jurisdiction and availability of judges to preside;
  • Completion of discovery, depositions, interrogatories, etc. for your Central Valley injury lawyer and the opposing counsel;
  • Composition of trial calendar or trailing docket and kinds of trials that may take precedence over others, if applicable; and
  • Case load for the involved attorneys in this or outlying jurisdictions and other types of issues.

Advance Notice
You and your Central Valley injury lawyer may be required to prepare for trial more than once prior to the actual commencement of the trial itself, but normally advanced notice is given to enable you to do this. There may be more cases set than can be completed, and your attorney will help you understand these procedures.

If You Have Questions
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