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As someone involved in a personal injury case, there are a list of items that you should maintain not only for personal reasons, but also for purposes of your pending trial. The following information is intended to help you get started with ensuring that you have the information needed for your case; however, you should contact a Central Valley injury law firm for additional assistance if you have more questions or concerns about your specific case.

To start, you should have a list of the names of all medical facilities and physicians that you have visited and consulted. Doing so will help your Central Valley injury lawyer figure out the damages in your case. You should also note whether or not you have contacted your insurance company about the accident. If you haven’t, your lawyer will probably want to know the reason why, particularly if the accident occurred a long time ago. You should know that you can run into problems with recovering from your insurer if you neglected to provide timely notice of a potential claim.

Also, if your injury was caused by a specific product, it is crucial that you have that actual product (if it still exists) in your possession and keep it well-preserved. Further, if at all possible, you should have photos of that item, preferably prior to it being fixed (particularly in the case of a car if you were involved in a car accident). The extent of the damage will provide exceptional insight into possible liability and damages.

Moreover, you should advise your attorney with respect to whether or not you have contacted any other attorneys about handling your case. Additionally, if you have been referred by one of your lawyer’s respected clients, that might go a long way in proving your sincerity with respect to you seeking legal representation.

If you have additional questions about your personal injury case and you would like to speak with an attorney from a Central Valley injury attorney, please contact Meth Law Offices, P.C. at 845-469-9529.

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