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Central Valley Personal Injury AttorneyIf you are pursuing a personal injury claim, one of your first questions will likely be when you will receive a settlement agreement. While every claim is different, your Central Valley personal injury lawyer will go over the details of your case and what you should expect as it moves forward.

Your Central Valley Personal Injury Attorney Presents a General Timeline

Once your attorney and the insurance adjuster agree to a settlement, it will generally be another two to six weeks before it is fully processed. During this time, all necessary documents will be finalized and signed. Once the documents are complete, the amount due to each party will be calculated and you will receive your check.

Your Central Valley Personal Injury Attorney Explains Your Duties

As the claimant, there are some responsibilities your attorney will ask you to take on before receiving your settlement check. You will be required to sign a release of any future rights to sue over the claim being settled. In addition, any medical bills that were delayed awaiting settlement must be paid. If the insurance company paid for any medical bills, you may be required to reimburse them for this amount, as well. Finally, your Central Valley personal injury attorney will take his payment out of the final settlement amount prior to your receipt of the check.

Finding a Central Valley Personal Injury Lawyer

It is not uncommon to have questions as you move forward with your claim. Michael Meth is a knowledgeable personal injury attorney eager to help ensure that you are informed. Call his office today at 845-469-9529.

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