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If you are facing a personal injury, you likely have medical bills mounting as you await the outcome of your case. A Chester, NY personal injury attorney serving the Hudson Valley region, like Michael Meth, can answer all your questions as well as advise you as to the best way to handle incoming bills as you wait for the conclusion to your personal injury action. The following are the most frequently asked questions pertaining to bill payment in context of a personal injury lawsuit.

If I Cannot Make Payments Today, Will My Providers Wait For Me to Make a Payment?

In many instances, personal injury victims do not have a way to make the exorbitant payments necessary for the surgical procedures, hospital stays and rehabilitation stemming from the injury. In these situations, most hospitals, doctors’ offices and medical facilities will wait until the outcome of your case whether it is a settlement or jury verdict. It is important to communicate with your medical providers about the situation and always keep all parties abreast of the situation.

Will my Lawyer Ensure the Medical Providers are Paid?

Many Chester, NY personal injury lawyers have a policy to withhold a portion of the settlement for purposes of paying all outstanding bills to medical providers. In many cases, the plaintiff must sign a subrogation or lien form which purports to withhold a portion of the proceeds to pay medical bills.

Why Isn’t Defendant’s Insurance Company Paying my Medical Bills?

Most insurance companies, when representing the defendant, will not pay medical bills as they occur. First, insurance companies do not want to front a large sum of money for medical bills only to become liable for a settlement later. Along a similar logic, insurance companies prefer to make one, lump sum payment to plaintiffs as opposed to multiple payments.

If you were recently injured and looking for a Chester, NY personal injury attorney in the Hudson Valley region of New York, contact Michael Meth, an experienced personal injury attorney who will fight for your right to just compensation.

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