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A Common Cause of Injury among Children

A Common Cause of Injury among Children

A Common Cause of Injury among Children

Among those we wish to protect the most are our children, yet they fall victim by the millions each year to injuries. A full third of these occur as a result of sports and related activities. When another’s negligence is the cause, a personal injury attorney is often able to help with a claim to gain compensation.

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Parents and schools have long understood that team sports are a great way for children to learn such valuable tools as teamwork and discipline. However, sports have their downside. One in ten children and youth who participate in sports falls victim to some form of injury each year.

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Football, of course, is considered the most dangerous, but personal injury attorneys work with families of victims who receive concussions, broken bones, and even spinal and brain damage from activities as seeming innocuous as basketball and soccer. An activity that until recently received little attention for the many injuries that result is cheerleading.

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When Negligence Is a Factor

A common reason for injury in youth sports is a failure to wear protective gear. Coaches may be held liable for negligence if they fail to monitor the children as they prepare to take the field. Over-zealous coaches, and even parents, can cause young people to suffer injuries as well.

If an injury occurs that can be linked to negligence, a personal injury attorney in can assist the family in filing a claim to receive compensation for medical expenses, pain, suffering, scarring and more.

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