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Monroe injury lawyerIt is not always possible for a personal injury claim to be settled between you and your attorney and the insurance company. In such situations the case may need to be brought to trial. You may be concerned about what will happen if your claim is litigated. A Monroe injury lawyer will prepare you for what will happen when your case goes to trial.

A Monroe Injury Attorney Can Give You a Baseline List of Trial Procedures

A normal trial will generally proceed with the following:

1) The participants – you and your Monroe injury lawyer, the defendants, the jury – will be brought into court by the judge.

2) Attorneys can decide which potential jurors they don’t want on the case and have them excluded.

3) The jury will commonly consist of six to eight people. The attorneys will make their opening statements that are designed to give a summary of the case from the perspectives of both sides.

4) Your attorney will present your case. You and your witnesses will testify. This can include anyone who has knowledge or involvement in your situation.

5) After the witness answers the questions of your attorney, the defense will have a right to conduct a cross-examination and also ask questions.

6) Your Monroe injury attorney might ask more questions after the defense has finished. This is known as redirect.

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