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Communicating Client Needs and Expectations

Communicating Client Needs and Expectations

Communicating Client Needs and Expectations

As part of the litigation process, a plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer is responsible fro gathering all of the necessary information to help justify a demand figure for the claim. There are several ways that a good personal injury attorney can communicate this information to the insurance adjuster.

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It is not enough for a lawyer to simply call the insurance adjuster and verbally state the expenses that a claimant has endured. Instead, a good plaintiff’s attorney will take the time to draft a demand letter in writing that specifies a reasonable amount that the attorney expects will be sufficient to settle the case. Having this information in writing can also help an insurance adjuster become more acquainted with the claimant’s case, as he or she may have difficulty remembering the idiosyncrasies of each case if he or she is handling many claims at once.

Itemized List

After receiving all necessary records, including doctor’s bills, rehabilitation bills, prescription drug costs, employment records and other documents that show the true level of damages, a personal injury lawyer can make an itemized list of damages.


A personal injury lawyer can also help communicate the client’s expectations by providing medical documentation that substantiates his or her claim. For example, the personal injury lawyer may secure a narrative medical report that discusses the client’s progress or lack thereof. Additionally, he or she may include notes from nurses that help support the doctor’s medical findings.

Continuous Communication

An experienced personal injury lawyer knows that it is important to stay in contact with insurance adjusters. He or she may begin this process by quickly reporting the total amount of the claim as soon as he or she is aware of it. Additionally, he or she may stay in contact with the adjuster every 30 days since many insurance companies operate on this cycle.

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