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Dealing with a Claims Adjuster

Dealing with a Claims Adjuster

Dealing with a Claims Adjuster

An adjuster might attempt to present a settlement offer due to questions arising about insurance coverage. One indication of this is when the insurer or adjuster mails a reservation of rights letter to a policy holder.

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Such a letter is a notice that specific losses are not covered under the policy and the company could invoke its right to deny coverage at a later date. Once a letter of this nature is sent, it is doubtful the adjuster is going to be willing to take part in any settlement talks.

Moral: An accident attorney positively must maintain pressure on the adjuster to definitively state whether or not a loss is covered.

The Ostrich Method

Perhaps the adjuster chooses to ignore an attorney’s calls or letters. Yes, the adjuster might be a little busy at the moment or the actions could be a blatant attempt to stall. Adjusters sometimes put their head in the sand just like an Ostrich because injury attorneys might make them feel uncomfortable or demand answers about claim values the adjusters are unprepared to make.

Unable to Find the Claim File

As unprofessional as it sounds, an adjuster might avoid attorneys by claiming the claim file cannot be found. Then again, the claim adjuster may be telling the truth about the inability to access the file. Busy offices do, sometimes, lose or misplace files but this is frequently a rare occurrence. Ultimately, an attorney does not know whether or not the claims adjuster is being truthful or is merely attempting to buy time by falsely assessing the file cannot be found.

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