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Are you wondering whether a Chester injury attorney will represent your personal injury case?  Peruse the following checklist to evaluate your chances of establishing a sturdy case.

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Is the Incident Recent?

  • You should always consult an accident attorney as soon as possible following an accident.
  • He or she can ensure that the case is properly maintained and that the statute of limitations does not run out before taking legal action.

Are You Liable for Your Injuries?

  • A personal injury attorney will always want to know how your injuries occurred.
  • If you carry sole responsibility for your wounds then you probably cannot make a personal injury case.
  • Always explain the story truthfully and in detail.
  • In addition, mention where the incident occurred; if it happened within a local area, a Chesterinjury attorney may be more willing to help.

Have You Consulted a Physician? 

  • If you have seen a physician, an attorney will want to examine the doctor’s findings.
  • Also, a thorough lawyer will probably attempt to relate your injuries to your current physical condition in order to determine short and long-term effects of the injuries.
  • If you did not consult a doctor following the incident, this may imply that your injuries are minor and will not justify legal action.

Were there Witnesses Present?

  • If a witness was present at the scene, a determined attorney will most likely interview him or her and acquire a credible statement.

Obviously, many factors are involved in evaluating and building a case with the aid of a Chester injury attorney.  If you are wondering whether you can receive compensation for your grievances, consult the law office of Michael Meth at (845) 469-9529 today. 

free case evaluation