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How to Handle an Claim Adjustor

How to Handle an Claim Adjustor

How to Handle an Claim Adjustor

When in a dispute of any kind it is common practice to engage an adjustor. The object of the adjustor is to obtain a “quick settlement” and they can be misleading.

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Some actions adjusters use are:

I need your statement

It is the job of the adjustor to obtain statements from all involved and determine the smallest amount to be paid the injured party. These will determine whether to negotiate, pay the claim, or deny responsibility. They will obtain it in writing, in a recording or by interview. Never make or sign a statement without your lawyer’s authorization.

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What is involved in a signed statement

This statement will include a series of questions, which which will be written down. You will be asked to sign each page as well as a declarative page stating pages have been read and are true.

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Recording a statement

A recorder is ordinarily used for this kind of a statement. It may be made in person or over the telephone. This statement is then handwritten or printed for presentation to the parties involved.

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It is important for anyone involved with an adjuster to refer to his or her lawyer at all times. They will provide a guidance that is best for a particular situation.

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