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What Happens to a Personal Injury Defendant

What Happens to a Personal Injury Defendant

What Happens to a Personal Injury Defendant

What Happens To Those Who Are Responsible For My Injury?

Normally after an injury has occurred due to an accident, the individual or corporation that you report as being at fault will then be contacted by the insurance company.

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Either the individual or a representative of the corporation will give their account of what happened and made a formal statement to the insurance adjuster. These statements will be transcribed into either a formal transcript or a written record of their view of the events.

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After the initial investigation, the insurance company will no longer contact the person or company who, is responsible for your injuries. They insurance adjuster will not keep you updated about the development of their findings. The only exception to this rule is in the case of a medical malpractice. Those involved in the accident will then hope the case will be settled by the insurance company and they will no longer involved.

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What Happens If The Case Does Not Settle?

If your case is not settled by your lawyer and the insurance company, then your case will become a lawsuit. The insurance companies attorney will then defend and represent the defendant. The insured party will not be required to participate in the lawsuit. However, they will need to be available to cooperate with the attorney. It is important to know that the lawsuit is not brought against the insurance company it is brought against the defendant. It will be the insurance companies responsibility to pay the settlement costs once the verdict is delivered.

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