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A frequent question clients ask their Monroe personal injury attorney is how they can be of help in the case.

A List of Rules to Follow to Assist Your Monroe Personal Injury Lawyer

Monroe personal injury attorneyWhen you hire an Monroe personal injury attorney, you should always make certain to adhere to the following rules:

  1. When your attorney calls, call back as soon as you can.
  2. Make sure to read all letters and information your attorney sends.
  3. When you have an appointment to see a doctor or are having treatment, make sure you go at the scheduled time.
  4. Record all medical expenses, lost wages and other costs.
  5. Have a list of possible witnesses in your case.
  6. Take photos as instructed by your attorney.
  7. Keep your attorney up to date on your address, phone number and other vital information.
  8. Tell your attorney the truth.
  9. Sign necessary forms at your attorney’s request.

Why Your Monroe Personal Injury Attorney Has You Sign a Large Number of Forms

Your medical records will not be released to your Monroe personal injury attorney without your issuing a written agreement to do so. In most situations, it is illegal to release this information to anyone without consent.

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