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If you are injured in an accident and make claim of that injury in the form of a lawsuit, the defendant in the case has a lawful right to request a medical examination of you to determine if you are indeed telling the truth that you were injured. They also want to learn more about you that might help them to use against you in court. There are some important things to remember during this required examination.

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Stay Silent

Do not give the medical examiner any information unless you have first discussed it with your attorney. Also, do not sign any papers that your attorney has not first reviewed. Try to say as little as possible to the doctor and keep your responses brief. Do not volunteer any information you don’t have to.

Tell the Truth

The defense will be looking for any way possible to discredit the claim to save themselves money, so it is important you don’t lie about any injuries or symptoms. If you do the defense can use it against you if they find out. More importantly you can face criminal charges for filing a fake lawsuit and claim.

Review Reports

If the defense wants to use the medical examiner as an expert witness against you in court, they will have to provide a copy of the medical examination report. Review this in detail with your attorney. Check for inaccuracies and validity. Verify that all of the doctor’s findings are true.

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