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Injuries from Falling Objects

Injuries from Falling Objects

Injuries from Falling Objects

Some workplace accidents defy prediction. As much as a person may try to obey safety rules and stay out of dangerous areas, a fall from an object can send him/her to the hospital.

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As much as 15% of workplace injuries involve falling materials. Some of these result from items that have not been stored properly. For instance, a closet where obsolete computers are kept may be so crammed that merely opening the door may cause items to fall.

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Other injuries occur when work areas are under renovation. If the construction area is not properly taped off to prevent employees from passing near, a stray hammer or drill falling from a ladder or scaffold may hit someone. Under-secured scaffolds may crash down onto an employee. A work crew installing new overhead wiring may inadvertently drop a tool.

Certain jobs and work environments pose a greater risk of injury from a falling object, to be sure. Construction workers are particularly prone to this. Machine operators can face serious injury, too. If a piece that is being milled, for instance, dislodges from the machine, it may fly into the air and hit another employee.

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It is essential that companies train employees in safe work habits. Materials should be stored safely, and individuals should use safety equipment and follow proper safety procedures. Unfortunately, though, training can only help so much. If an outside work crew is brought in, or repairmen called, you cannot be sure that those individuals are as well-versed in safety as you are.

Falling object injuries are sometimes caused by failure of safety equipment. In such a case, a work injury lawyer may be able to help you sue the equipment’s manufacturer for your injury. This can be a good option if workers’ comp won’t cover the full value of your damages.

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