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Insurance Adjuster Tricks: The “Dirty Harry” Trick

Insurance Adjuster Tricks: The “Dirty Harry” Trick

Insurance Adjuster Tricks: The “Dirty Harry” Trick

When you are trying to negotiate a settlement for your personal injury case, the insurance company might use certain underhanded tricks to try to stall your case or reduce its value. Your Orange County car accident lawyer will be aware of these tricks.

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One such trick is known as the “Dirty Harry” approach, and essentially tries to goad your lawyer into trying to file a suit. The adjuster will delay the process of reaching a reasonable claim valuation because they in fact see a lawsuit as a welcome way to reduce their pending caseload.

Some Orange County car accident lawyers mistakenly believe that adjusters are penalized if they have cases that go to litigation. On the contrary, some insurance adjusters welcome going to litigation, because that transfers the file off their desk and to a separate Litigation Unit, and then becomes the responsibility of the defense attorney. The adjuster will no longer have to deal with the headaches and frustrations of going back and forth with your personal injury lawyer.


Another common trick is for the adjuster to under-evaluate claims in order to reduce the settlement value that will eventually be paid out. Some adjusters instead put forth low-ball offers because they are overworked or have missed a crucial detail affecting the value of the case. Sometimes adjusters think the only way to respond to the “high-balling” of your accident attorney is by making low-ball offers. In any case, be prepared for the insurance adjuster to submit unreasonably low settlement offers before you see anything truly substantial.

Waiting It Out

Unfortunately, time favors the insurance company more than it does the personal injury claimant. Adjusters are not in a big hurry to evaluate claims, as long payout intervals favor the insurers and allow them to make more money through their investment arms, enough to offset the losses from underwriting insurance policies. Most people don’t realize that the actual insurance-writing part of the business is a money loser, and the investment branch is the profit center.

If you are looking for help dealing with an insurance company’s refusal to offer a reasonable settlement for your accident case, contact our Orange County car accident lawyer.

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