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New York injury lawyers are commonly asked, “How should I keep track of personal injury medical bills?” The paperwork can be daunting; however, if you have a regular system of record-keeping and take it one visit at a time, this will help you organize your files and speed up your case processing. Here are some tips in getting organized:

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Getting Bills Organized

  1. Save all documents. Make sure your attorney gets copies of all medical bills, prescription bills/receipts, and other bills/receipts related to your injury. These include summaries or explanations of benefits that come from insurance plans. You may think it unnecessary to save records that your New York injury lawyer will receive directly, but it is best to double-check or save records just in case. If some of these documents are missing, this may reduce the value of your settlement.
  2. Create a chart of appointment dates and costs. While you don’t need a fancy computer program, it will be helpful to make a list documenting each doctor visit. Ask for the bill each time you receive health care services and add it to your folder. These services include doctors, hospitals, tests, physical therapy sessions, etc.
  3. Don’t forget prescriptions. Save records of charges for drug costs.
  4. Include insurance items. You may be covered under an insurance plan that paid your bills. But your case may recover their costs, so be sure to include statements from health plans in your records. Even if the bill has been paid, save a record of it.

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The most successful cases are supported by accurate and complete documents, so make sure your New York injury lawyer is armed with the papers needed, even if the material is on a computer disk. For more information and to receive expert legal representation for your case or claim, contact Michael Meth at (845) 469-9529.

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