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Lawsuits In A Personal Injury Case-Defendant

Lawsuits In A Personal Injury Case-Defendant

Lawsuits In A Personal Injury Case-Defendant

Many people want to know what happens to the person who causes their injury. The person who caused the incident will be contacted by the insurance company. There were statements and reports that were given to an adjustor and these reports are usually on record. Persoanl Injury  Attorney in ChesterIf you have further questions or need legal advice contact Stephen Nordyke attorney at law right away.

What Happens Next?

Once the insurance company conducts an investigation, there should be little to no contact between the parties and insurance agency. Insurance companies don’t typically keep everyone abreast on the day to day actions in the case. If it is a medical malpractice case, this may be the exception. Everyone should go about their lives until the insurance company is ready to negotiate or settle.

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What If They Won’t Settle?

When a case doesn’t settle, it must go to litigation. The insurance company has an attorney to represent the insured, and you must have a client to represent your needs. All parties will be required to participate in the litigation process and are mandated to cooperate. When a lawsuit becomes necessary, it is against the other parties and not against the insurance company. It is imperative to have legal representation during litigation. It can mean the difference in getting the compensation that is deserved and getting a lesser amount offered by the insurance company.

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