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How to Make your Attorney even Better!

How to Make your Attorney even Better!

How to Make your Attorney even Better!

Keep good records.
One of the most important things to support your claim is documentation. You will need copies of medical bills, any expenses that you have incurred and statements showing how much income you have lost due to your injury. The burden of proof will be on you and the best form of proof is documentation.

Stay Organized.
It is important to be able to find your documents when you need them. So, keep folders containing all of these documents.

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Keep in Contact.
Don’t slow down the process by not returning phone calls. Instead, return your attorney’s calls as soon as possible. Then you attorney will be able to work on important tasks that will provide a better outcome for you. So, if your attorney calls, return the call promptly.

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Deal Immediately with any Correspondence.
When your attorney sends you correspondence it is important to read everything carefully. The reason you are receiving correspondence is to either inform you of something or to request something from you.

Be Prompt to your Medical Appointments.
Show up on time for any medical appointments. This will indicate that your health is important to you and it will be important to your claim.

Where there any Witnesses?
It is imperative to keep a list of anyone who witnessed the injury or incident. Witnesses may be able to testify or provide a statement that will support your claim or disprove false information.

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Photos are Great Documentation!
Not to sound cliché, but a photo is worth a thousand words. Follow your attorney’s instructions and keep copies of the negatives. It would be a good idea to keep these in your document folder.

Are you Experiencing any Major Life Changes?
It is important to keep your attorney abreast of any major changes in your life. This includes changes in address, telephone numbers, divorce or marriage, employment status and any major changes in your health.

Truth and Honesty are best.
All information that you provide to your attorney should be open and honest. Attorneys can only provide excellent council if they are not blind-sided with information that you did not provide. Be upfront with your attorney about everything that has anything to do with your claim.

Forms, Forms, Forms.
Forms requested by your attorney may give permission to obtain personal information that is illegal for establishments to provide without your signature. There are laws that protect you from someone acquiring information about you without proper authorization, not even your lawyer can get this information without your written consent.

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