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Maximizing A Personal Injury Claim

Maximizing A Personal Injury Claim

Medical Bill Payment With Attorneys

Will medical facilities including doctors and hospitals wait for payment if I cannot pay my bills right when I receive them?

It is important to inform medical providers ahead of time if you have no insurance or the financial resources to pay these bills as they are received. Most cases where the immediate funds are not available at the time of receiving the bills, medical facilities, doctors and hospitals will wait for payment for their services until after the case is resolved in court with a settlement or some verdict in court.

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How does my lawyer insure payment for doctors and medical facilities?

Most of the time the lawyers will have a policy that will withhold money from your settlement or court verdict amount to pay doctors and medical facilities before you receive any of your money. The lawyers will present a form that requires patient/client signatures to allow the attorney to hold out medical bill money from your insurance settlement proceeds. These papers are usually called a subrogation or lien form.

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Why will the insurance company that represents the person/company that caused my injuries pay my bills automatically?

There are many reasons for an insurance company that represents the person company that caused the injuries will not immediately pay your bills as they occur. One reason may be that the insurance company does not want to risk spending a huge amount of money on medical bills and then get hit with a harsh, excessive and possibly unreasonable demand at the final time of settlement. Simply put, they do not wish to spend substantial amounts of money to start with just to be hit with the chance of lawsuit defense. Another reason is that most insurance companies want to settle a claim with just one large sum of money instead of many different payments. Because of this, most liability insurance companies wait on a letter of demand from the attorney to see if they can conclude the case with one dollar amount all at once. Without an attorney to represent you, these companies find it easier to pull the wool over your eyes and have you waiting for a long time; the right lawyer will know what to do to get you the compensations for your injury that you deserve.

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