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Medical Authorization Forms

Medical Authorization Forms

Medical Authorization Forms

In personal injury cases, it is not uncommon for an adjuster to ask a claimant to authorize the release of his or her medical records. If this release is broad in nature, the adjuster may be able to receive information related to the claimant’s entire medical history.

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Claimants are sometimes told by adjusters that they need copies of the claimant’s medical bills and reports in order to provide compensation via a bodily injury claim. Rather than having the claimant organize and send this information, the adjuster suggests that he or she can take the time to complete this daunting task.

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Practical Tips

To avoid having an insurance adjuster have free reign with a person’s medical records, a claimant should consider whether or not to sign a form of this nature. He or she should refuse to sign a medical authorization form that is too broad. Additionally, the claimant should ask for the release to be limited only to the information that is related to the accident.

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