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Monroe personal injury attorneyWhen you file a personal injury case, you may wonder how your Monroe personal injury attorney will proceed with it. The information presented here will shed some light on what you might expect.

Your Monroe Personal Injury Lawyer Begins the Investigation
Your Monroe personal injury attorney will initiate the investigation of your claim after having spoken with you. In order to gather the required information, your attorney will examine:

  • Testimony from anyone who saw the incident;
  • Reports filed by the officers involved;
  • The scene at which the incident took place;
  • Any statutory or case laws that are applicable to your case (statutory laws are laws passed by legislative action; case laws are those formed through the interpretation of statutory laws by a judge);
  • Physicians’ and hospital reports;
  • All invoices from doctors, hospitals, etc.; and
  • Any information concerning the incident discovered by an investigator if one has been engaged.

The Next Steps
The next people your Monroe personal injury attorney will speak to are those responsible for the harm done to you. He or she will then remain in touch with you to ascertain that you are:

  • Following your doctor’s advice;
  • Making serious efforts to recover;
  • Making sure that your Monroe personal injury lawyer has photocopies of any and all paperwork related to medical expenses and any documentation concerning loss of income due to time lost from work; and
  • Able to find anyone who might be a witness.

Where to Find Experienced Help
If you have been injured, you will need a dedicated Monroe personal injury attorney to investigate your case. Don’t wait. Call Michael Meth at 845-469-9529 today.

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