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Orange County injury lawyerIn this blog, an Orange County injury lawyer explains how adjusters might use your neighbors against you.

Canvassing The Neighborhood
Your Orange County injury lawyer can define this as a tactic in which an insurance adjuster visits your neighbors and questions them concerning your activities. This kind of sub rosa investigation, or activity check, is designed to find out if you’ve been seen doing anything that might belie your claims regarding your injury.

Questions Your Orange County Injury Attorney May Warn Against

In speaking to your neighbors, the adjuster will want to know:

  • If they have seen you doing yard work, gardening, pushing a lawnmower, etc;
  • If they have seen you carrying or lifting heavy objects;
  • If they have seen you working on your vehicle;
  • If they have reason to believe that you engage in physically demanding pastimes; and
  • If they have reason to believe that you have any kind of physical impairment or disability.

Potential Damage
You will wish to know if such questioning can harm you. Your Orange County injury attorney can reply that unless the adjuster is given cause for suspicion the possibility of damage is fairly slight. If your neighbors answer yes, then the adjuster may be motivated to call in the big guns by hiring a private investigative firm to put you under surveillance.

The Adjuster’s Actions
The next actions that your Orange County injury lawyer might expect the adjuster to take is to verify the information gathered from the neighbors. Visual evidence such as videotape or still photographs of you engaging in activities that your injury should not allow you to do will be required. Third party companies are usually hired as these procedures are expensive and time-consuming.

Your Recourse
Your Orange County injury lawyer can provide you with valuable advice and assistance. Contact Michael Meth at 845-469-9529 today.

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