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A Personal Injury Attorney Has to Know How to Prove His Case

A Personal Injury Attorney Has to Know How to Prove His Case

A Personal Injury Attorney Has to Know How to Prove His Case

Knowing How Different Testimonies Will Affect the Outcome

Personal injury law is complicated and complex. A personal injury lawyer has to be aware of what testimonies will help his client and what testimonies will go against his client. In a civil case for personal injury involving damages for medical malpractice or for medical damages as a result of an automobile accident, the personal attorney has to know what is relevant and what is not relevant to the case. Laws are put on the books for the personal protection of injured clients, but it up to the personal injury to prove the degree of medical or emotional harm. This is a skillful technique, but a good personal injury attorney is trained and willing to do this.

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Bearing False Witness Has to Be Countered

In a court case, a witness can bear false or misguided testimony intentionally and this interferes with the process of rightful adjudication. A witness can bear false testimony by using malingering test results. When a case arises involving the testimony of manipulation of malingering tests, the attorney has to immediately question the witness and have him say actual specifics. An actual specific statistic of, for example, 50 percent non-usage of a limb will help the client recover damages for the percentage loss of the limb. Testing for emotional distress can be broken down in percentages too. Confirmatory biases of witnesses should also not be allowed.

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