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personal injury lawyer in Orange CountyAn experienced personal injury attorney in Orange County can tell from an insurer’s denial letter whether or not the denial is proper. This blog explains how this can be done.

Misplaced Trust
All too often, claimants will accept an insurer’s denial at face value because it does not occur to the claimant that the insurance company may deny their claim wrongfully. Sadly, insurance companies have been known to do this, especially if they are not confident in the claim’s merit. To correct this, your personal injury lawyer in Orange County may take a close look at the denial letter.

What Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Orange County Looks for
Some of the red flags that tell your personal injury attorney in Orange County that the claim has been wrongfully denied are as follows:

  • The letter does not point to the policy’s provisions directly;
  • The letter refers to language not found in the policy;
  • No copies of the applicable policies are made available to the policyholder;
  • The letter lacks detail that supports the denial which can mean that the denial was made without proper investigation;
  • The denial is contingent on irrelevant provisions, conditions or exclusions;
  • The insurance company insists, after denying the claim, on keeping the right to additional argument;
  • Additional pertinent information is demanded for subsequent use against the policyholder;
  • The claim has been denied without the insurer ever meeting with the client or the personal injury attorney in Orange County and generic requests demands for unneeded information are included; and
  • The insurer accuses the policyholder of entering false information on the policy application and attempts to withdraw the policy in its entirety while denying the claim at the same time.

Protect Yourself
Don’t be a victim of ploys like these. Engage the services of a skilled, dedicated personal injury attorney in Orange County by calling Michael Meth at 845-469-9529 today.

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