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The following is an easy-to-understand list of what a Blooming Grove injury attorney can do for your case.


Blooming Grove injury attorney: Settlement and mediation

  • Decide when to give initial demand/offer to the opposing side.
  • Consider pursuing mediation.
  • Choose a mediator and make necessary arrangements.

Preparing witness designation dates; damages records; exhibits

  • Select appropriate lay witnesses.
  • Find expert witnesses and provide their reports to opposing attorney.
  • Make sure that his or her methods for presenting exhibits and evidence to the jury will be permissible at trial court.
  • Have exhibits ready for trial.
  • Arrange video depositions to be used at trial for any doctors and other witnesses who cannot appear in person.
  • Acquire and file a list of exhibits with the court.

Written discovery

  • Exchange information with the other side before formal discovery.
  • Draft and serve the following on all opposing parties
    • Requests for documents and/or inspection of items or evidence if necessary.
    • Interrogatories.
    • Requests for admissions.
  • Perform on-site inspections of the scene of the incident, items and documents as necessary.
  • Acquire and analyze reports from experts hired by adverse parties.
  • Give the opposing attorney your expert’s names and their opinions.
  • Prepare a response to written discovery (interrogatories, requests for production and admission) created by opposing counsel.
  • Evaluate discovery responses from adverse parties.

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