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Chester injury attorneys know that clients are uncertain of the claim process. So here are the basics, outlining how your lawyer will work with you toward achieving the best possible outcome for your claim or case.

The process begins with a meeting with your lawyer, who will fully investigate your claim.Chester injury attorney Some of the reports that the legal team will review include: witness statements, police reports, and medical bills and records. As part of the research, your lawyer may visit the scene of the accident or incident or hire an investigator. In addition to using his expertise in the law, your attorney will research particular statutes, decisions, and cases that may relate to your situation.

Insurance and Medical Angles

If someone else caused your injuries, your Chester injury attorney will contact the other party’s insurance company. Your legal representative will do everything possible to ensure that your case is being handled right, which includes supporting your actions and activities. Are you following the advice of your doctors and following their instructions in order to improve your condition? If the case goes to trial, you may need to show that you are making efforts on your own behalf.

Also, be sure to keep detailed records and give your lawyer copies of all medical-related bills and receipts. Comply with requests to sign off on the release of your medical records. Documentation of your loss includes lost income from your job as well, so you will need to contact your employer for the completed paperwork demonstrating lost wages and work time.

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With a little knowledge and effort, you can do much to advance your case. For more information about the process of filing a personal injury claim, contact Chester injury attorney Michael Meth at (845) 469-9529.

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