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Personal Injury Issues: Paralysis and a Loss of Senses

Personal Injury Issues: Paralysis and a Loss of Senses

Personal Injury Issues: Paralysis and a Loss of Senses

Depending on the type of accident experienced, some individuals might sustain injuries that are far greater than simple cuts and abrasions.  In fact, some may experience more severe injuries, such as a loss of their senses and even paralysis.  That is why it is imperative for persons who have suffered personal injuries due to an accident or someone else’s negligence to seek counsel from a personal injury attorney.

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A Loss of Senses

A loss of senses can include things such as losing your hearing, sight, smell, and/or sense of touch.  Such loses can happen due to the occurrence of an explosion, being exposed to or breathing in harmful chemicals, various factors in the workplace, or negligence (to include medical negligence).  For instance, an individual might suffer nerve damage, either in an accident or due to a surgical procedure that went wrong, that might result in a loss of sensation or feeling in a particular area of the body.  That loss could, in turn, lead to various other issues, such as emotional distress.  That said, if you are suffering through a loss of senses that stem from any sort of accident or negligence, contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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Generally speaking, paralysis is a condition of the nervous system that takes place when brain communication is interrupted such that it results in the loss of use of all (or part) of the body.  Certain accidents might lead to spinal cord injuries that can have a lifelong impact such that permanent paralysis takes place.  Individuals who are dealing with paralysis due to someone else’s intentional negligence or recklessness might be entitled to recover damages.

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