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Depending on your specific case the person you are suing (the defendant) may want you to undergo psychological testing. There are many different tests and ways to administer these tests. Many person injury lawyers are overwhelmed by the number of tests that are used. Some of the medical doctors for the defense may not allow you attorney to view the tests or your answers. Instead they will provide a summary report that your lawyer is asked to trust.

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There are several ways a person injury lawyer can protect your rights during psychological testing.

1. Become Informed About the Test
In order to understand the test results your personal injury lawyer must understand the tests that are commonly used. They should research the tests to make sure they are administers according to protocol and your rights are protected.

2. Learn About Mental Health Conditions

Many lawyers have a copy of the American Psychological Association Diagnostic can Statistical Manual which lists a number of psychological conditions and their symptoms. It is best to learn about any conditions the doctor may say you have.

3. Get the Raw Data
Instead of relying on the report from the doctor get your testing data including written responses and printouts. The lawyer should also get a copy of the scoring manual and directions.

4. Get Another Opinion
Your layer may request another doctor examination to re-score the tests and interpret the scores. This will allow you to see what was included and what was not included in the report.

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