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Conclusion of a Personal Injury Case

Conclusion of a Personal Injury Case

Conclusion of a Personal Injury Case

The vast majority of personal injury cases settle. This may occur before any litigation is officially filed. It may happen in the middle of a case. It could also happen during the trial or immediately before the verdict is read. In rare instances, there may even be a settlement after a verdict. Once a verdict is reached, the plaintiff may have a number of questions for his or her personal injury lawyer. Here is a short sampling of common questions and answers that plaintiffs have for their personal injury lawyer after the verdict is read.

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How long will it take to get my money if we win?

Your personal injury lawyer can explain that the defendant may choose to appeal the case. If there will be an appeal, the defendant may not pay the judgment until the case is finalized. However, if the defendant does not plan to appeal, it may still take about a month for the lawyers and the court to finalize the results. The lawyers will also figure the total amount that the defendant owes, based on court costs, attorneys’ fees, interest, the jury verdict and any deductions.

What will happen if we lose?

If you lose, you also will have the decision to make about possibly appealing the decision. Making an appeal is often an expensive endeavor, and your personal injury lawyer may limit his or her representation to only the trial and not any appeals. Your lawyer can advise you if he or she thinks that an appeal is appropriate.

Can I still get a settlement if I lose the case?

In rare events, the insurance company may be willing to give the plaintiff a small settlement in order to avoid the additional time and expense of an appeal. However, this is atypical and should not be relied on.

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