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Responsibility Of The At Fault Party

Responsibility Of The At Fault Party

Responsibility Of The At Fault Party

What happens to the person, persons or company who caused my injury?

After an personal injury caused by another individual or by a company representative the insurance company will contact the responsible party to gather information, get detailed reports, and take statements from you and any witnesses. All these reports and statements will be recorded and readily available for you or your attorney to view.

The insurance company will conduct a preliminary investigation using the information provided to decide the next course of action. The company may decide to pay for the damages and end the process at this point.Chester NY County Personal Injury Lawyer During this time there is little or no contact between the insurance company and the tortfeasor (the person who caused the injury or the offending company which is responsible). One exception to this no contact period may be in the case of medical malpractice suits.

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What happens to the person who caused my injury if the case does not settle?

Should the case not be settled to your and your lawyers satisfaction a lawsuit can be filed and the insured (tortfeasors) will be contacted. The insurance company will then assigned a lawyer to the case and the insured will be required to participate in the lawsuit and cooperate with the assigned attorney.

The litigation will be brought against the tortfeasor and not the insurance company even though the insurance company may be the one to pay the settlement.

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