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To Settle or Not to Settle

To Settle or Not to Settle

To Settle or Not to Settle

When insurance companies do not intend to offer a suitable settlement, it may become necessary to initiate a lawsuit. This is referred to as litigation, and the suit will be made against the entities that caused the harm. The insurance company is not normally named as a defendant in the case. Chester Personal Injury Attorney
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Attorneys have many methods to extract the proper compensation from insurance companies. Attorneys may advise delaying the suit is an effort to get the insurance company to reconsider their offers, but often the terms are simply unacceptable to both sides, and the lawsuit ensues.

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Insurance companies may choose litigation over offering a settlement if they feel their opponent has some liability in the accident. They often choose to litigate by some arbitrary reasons that are not grounded in sound legal advice, but in an effort to discourage these particular types of lawsuits. However, no single individual can counter the enormous power of the law firms that insurance companies employ. It takes a qualified, reputable attorney to navigate the convoluted legal system in dealing with insurance companies. Therefore, the most important thing a person can do in these situations is to contact competent legal services.

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