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Your personal injury lawyer in Chester will keep you informed regarding special factors that could be in play and affect your case.

A Time-Lag Can Harm Your Case

Personal Injury Lawyer in ChesterWhen an insurance adjuster examines the case you and your personal injury lawyer in Chester present, the amount of time that expired between the time of the accident and your decision to report an injury can be important. The more time that passes, the more the adjuster will think the case is being embellished.

The Report of the First Medical Professional to Treat You Is Key

Your personal injury attorney in Chester will tell you that a significant amount of weight will be given to the report made by the first person to treat you for your injuries. The history is imperative because if there’s no mentioning of an injury or your problems could have been pre-existing, it will influence your case.

Prior Claims Can Affect Your Case

The adjuster will search your records to see if there is a history of previous claims. If there are many claims that you have made, your personal injury attorney in Chester will have to account for it in relation to the current case. The adjuster might even have you investigated and placed under surveillance.

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