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Speeding Up the Claims Process

Speeding Up the Claims Process

Speeding Up the Claims Process

One of the first questions that a personal injury attorney is asked is how long it will take to resolve a claim. The answer is different in every case. Additionally, there are many factors that go into the answer. However, there may be a few ways that a lawyer may be able to help speed up the claims process when an insurance company seems to be moving too slowly. Injury Attorney Chester

Check State Laws

A personal injury lawyer can explain that many states have Unfair Claim Practice laws. These laws dictate how long an adjuster has to investigate a claim. A lawyer can compare a particular adjuster’s progress to the applicable law. If the adjuster has passed the deadline, a lawyer can remind the adjuster of his or her legal duty to have concluded this part of the process.

Talk to a Supervisor

Every adjuster reports to someone above him or her. A lawyer may speak to a supervisor or the home office to help move a case along.

Make a Demand

A personal injury lawyer may make a demand for settlement that includes a specific date by which he or she expects an answer.

Ask Questions

Sometimes the thing holding up a claim is something that the claimant can help with. For example, an adjuster may be waiting for the delivery of certain medical records or bills. A personal injury lawyer can ask an adjuster if he or she provides a certain document if that would speed up the process and when you can expect a resolution of the claim.

File a Lawsuit

This strategy may help transfer the case file from an adjuster to a defense attorney retained by the insurance company.

Legal Assistance

If you would like information on other ways to help speed up the insurance claims process, contact a personal injury lawyer in your area.

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