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Statements: An Adjuster’s Greatest Weapon

Statements: An Adjuster’s Greatest Weapon

Statements: An Adjuster’s Greatest Weapon

An insurance adjuster is paid to keep money away from you. While taking your statement may seem like an innocent part of his job, the adjuster has several tricks he uses to turn statements against you.

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One of these tricks is to get as many statements as possible, even from people it may not seem necessary to get them from. The reasoning is that with so many different stories, it is easier to find a way to blame you.

Quick Questions

The adjuster will ask you a series of questions in order to get your full statement. He is taught, though, to change his questions based on the situation. He writes them down as he goes, and summarizes your answers.

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Your Signature

Your own signature is what seals your fate. When the adjuster shows you your answers, they appear to be a decent representation of what you said. Later he will turn them against you because of the context he left out. You have already agreed that these paraphrased statements are yours, though.

Recorded Statements

Recorded statements can be just as vicious. While you do not sign your name to them, they are still a summation of your words that can be turned against you.

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If you do not want to be denied your insurance claim by an adjuster, hire a defense attorney to protect your rights and your words.

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