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Blooming Grove Accident Attorney Assists Victims of SUV Accidents

A lot of people buy SUVs believing that larger vehicles are safer than their smaller counterparts; however, statistics prove the opposite to be true. Any Blooming Grove accident lawyer can tell you that SUVs tend to be prone to rolling over, primarily because of the way they are made. The construction of them consists of a narrow wheelbase and a very high center of gravity. That said, if the operator of the vehicle needs to make a fast turn or if he or she happens to get bumped off the road, the vehicle is likely to rollover, leaving the passengers susceptible to major or even tragic injuries.

What are some of the effects of SUV rollovers?
In SUV rollover accidents, the roof of the vehicle is susceptible to being crushed, which can lead to major spine and brain injuries to the passengers therein. Additionally, some rollovers will actually throw the driver and passengers out of the vehicle during a rollover accident.

So, who’s at fault?
SUV owners should also be aware that many rollover accidents are not the fault of the driver. In fact, in some instances of rollover, the vehicle involved was defective. Any Scranton SUV accident lawyer can tell you that SUV manufacturers have a definite duty to construct vehicles that are not defective or designed incorrectly, and when they become aware of potential dangers, they have a duty to warn about those dangers.

That said, if you or a loved one has been hurt in an SUV rollover accident, you should talk about the specifics of that accident with an Blooming Grove accident attorney. The odds of you obtaining compensation for your injuries will depend on a number of factors, such as the kind of SUV involved, the conditions of the road at the time of the accident, and the actions of the driver or drivers involved in the accident. That is why having a skilled Blooming Grove SUV accident lawyer by your side would be prudent so that he or she can ensure that you receive the just compensation that you deserve.

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