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What Takes Place Once A Trial Ends

What Takes Place Once A Trial Ends

What Takes Place Once A Trial Ends

If there’s a victorious outcome, what’s the length of time to receive the monetary award?

It may take a few weeks to finalize the results if a verdict is rendered in your favor. If there’s no appeal by the defense attorney, both attorneys will figure out the final numbers in regard to the verdict, the court costs, any deductions, accrued interest, and lawyer’s fees.

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What takes place if the verdict is against me? If we lose?
The hope is that you don’t lose and a verdict is rendered against you. However, if such a situation happens, your attorney will discuss appeal options in full detail. Your lawyer will advise you as to whether appealing is the appropriate course of action to take; an appeals process is time consuming and also very expensive.

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Is it possible to get a settlement if we lose?
In very rare cases and circumstances, to avoid an appeal and another trial, an insurance company will offer a settlement. However this isn’t very likely. Focusing on winning your case is the best thing to do. If the case is the fault of the other party (clear on liability) and you have a strategy for trial, the chances that you will win your case are increased. Usually justice wins.

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