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The Date of Your Trial

The Date of Your Trial

The Date of Your Trial

Knowing when a trial will take place is something that can never be predicted. You have a right to a speedy trial in a criminal case, but often people waive that right to allow more time for their attorney to defend their case. While a trial has deadlines and timelines, these dates are often altered to fit the needs of the defense and prosecution as the court date progresses.

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Some of the basic things that influence when your trial date will be include:

  • The number of cases on the court docket in your jurisdiction and the number of Judges to hear those cases.
  • The way the trial calendar is set up in your jurisdiction and the ability to complete the necessary tasks for an efficient trial, including discovery tasks.
  • The lawyer representing you and his or her caseload and attention to your case.

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These are just some of the more common things that impact a trial date, the list is much more extensive. So if you have something you are fighting in court you better prepare for your resolution to be months out if not longer than a year. This is common for nearly all jurisdiction, and along the way there is always the possibility that your case will settle without having to actually go to trial.

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