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Those who promptly obtain a Chester injury attorney at the beginning of a claim will be looked at with a large degree of skepticism by claims adjusters. Adjusters wish to genuinely work with an injured person. They will understand claimants acquiring a lawyer in the event that there is a discrepancy regarding the value of the claim or in the case that negotiations have stalled. It is important to note, however, that being denied the opportunity to work with claimants directly, may give adjusters an uneasy feeling.

Letters of representation dated from the same day or the day following the accidentChester injury attorney indicate to the adjuster that they could be what is known as a “claims conscious” claimant. Additionally, the time between when the accident took place and when the claimant initially contacted an attorney could result in the adjuster treating the claim as a “red flag.” Astonishingly, some claimants have testified to contacting a personal injury attorney at the very site of the accident! This provides cause and motive for adjusters to further investigate by delving into prior claims history, examining medical records for discrepancies, and not taking shortcuts when evaluating the claim.


Adjusters become particularly wary when the claimant comes off looking like they are privy to the process of making claims. A detailed record of personal injury lawsuits, workers’ compensation suits, or reoccurring reports of “subjective” injuries will inevitably trigger the adjuster to search through the Central Index Bureau, to discover the sum of previous claims with respect to bodily injuries for the given claimant. Furthermore, if the claimant or attorney seems to be too excited about settling a claim, the adjuster could increase their levels of caution concerning the legitimacy of the claim.

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