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As a party in a legal process, you may not be fully aware of everything your lawyer works on behind the scenes. Your Chester injury lawyer will be orchestrating a complicated process of depositions, motions and trial preparation, and you will benefit from familiarizing yourself with the process as well as you work together to seek success in your case.

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A deposition is an oral testimony record taken outside of court. Your Chester injury lawyer will first need to decide which witnesses he or she will solicit for depositions, and make plans to have those taken. In order to make the process smooth for everything, your lawyer will need to prepare everyone involved, including the experts, you, and witnesses from both parties. Then it will take time to actually attend the depositions, record them, and summarize the content for review and trial.


After the depositions are accounted for, your Chester injury lawyer will set to work on the motions, or contested legal issues, that he or she will bring before the court. This will require much research on any relevant legal issues, including deciding the admissibility of any evidence and preparing the motions to be served to the opposing party. The opposing party can be served with a motion in limine for exclusion of evidence, a motion for exclusion of expert testimony of adverse expert witnesses, or a motion for full or partial summary judgment.

Going to trial

Finally, your lawyer will need to prepare for trial. This will involve:

  • Preparing clients, witnesses, subpoenas, and witness questions.
  • Sending witnesses all pretrial material and hints.
  • Preparing jury materials, notes of issue, amending pleadings, jury lists, opening statements and closing arguments.

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