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As a part of your personal injury case, you may be required to take part in a deposition. Your Warwick injury lawyer will detail the importance of the deposition, as well as ensure that you are well-prepared to testify during the proceedings.

The Deposition Explained by Your Warwick Injury Attorney

Warwick injury lawyerThe deposition will be your first opportunity to tell your story for the record and, once requested by the defense, you will be required to take part. The defense attorney will be there along with your own attorney and each will ask you questions. You should expect to testify about your injury and the events that caused it. Your recorded answers may be used later if your case goes to trial. It will be the decision of your Warwick injury attorney if the party responsible for your injury should submit to a deposition, as well.

Your Warwick Injury Attorney on the Importance of the Deposition

Since it is your first chance to tell your story, it will also be the first time the defense attorney hears it directly from you. If you are able to give convincing and effective testimony, the attorney may be more likely to settle the claim. While delivering your testimony will help to prepare you for trial, it is important to remember that any false testimony can be used against you later.

Seeking Representation

The nature of the deposition makes representation by a knowledgeable Warwick injury lawyer extremely important. Michael Meth can help you prepare for your deposition and will stand by your side throughout the process. Call 845-469-9529 today for more information.

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