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Going to court is very intimidating, even for the most experienced individuals. Sitting on the stand while being cross examined by the opposing attorney, is especially frightening. However, if you are adequately, you can take the stand with the necessary confidence to give your best testimony. In preparing you for your big day, your Warwick personal injury lawyer will guide you as to what you should expect and, more importantly, how you should conduct yourself while testifying.

It is NOT your job to assist the opposing counsel. Some opposing attorneys will use tactics of confusion or poor preparation in order to fool the plaintiff on the stand to lower their guard and assist by providing clarifications on the particular issue. However, do not fall for this. Whether the attorney is using confusion as a tool or is really confused and unprepared, it is not your concern. You must only answer the question and nothing else.

You should answer all questions asked of you unless you are otherwise instructed by your Warwick personal injury lawyer.

While on the stand, you need to follow the rules of the court by answering each question the opposing lawyer or trial judge asks you. It is only in rare circumstances that your Warwick personal injury lawyer will instruct you not to answer a question.

Request to review each document that is in question prior to answering the question.

You should never assume the accuracy of a comment the opposing attorney is making. You must carefully examine the document or statement in question prior to answering to make sure nothing is taken out of context and it is being accurately portrayed to the jury and judge.

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At Meth Law Offices, P.C., our Warwick Personal Injury Attorney will help you prepare for your big day in court by explaining what you should expect and how to conduct yourself while on the stand testifying. If you have additional questions and/or concerns or would like to schedule a consultation with a Warwick personal injury lawyer, please call Meth Law Offices, P.C. at 845-469-9529.

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