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Warwick personal injury lawyerThere is more than one way you can pay your medical bills. Be sure to discuss all of your payment options with a Warwick personal injury lawyer to find out what works best for your situation.

You may choose from one of the payment methods listed below:

Health Insurance

  • Health insurance that is in your employment benefits package.
  • Your own health insurance that you have paid for.
  • Your spouse’s or parents’ (if you are a minor living with them) health insurance that covers you.

Automobile Insurance

  • For car accidents involving a vehicle that you were driving—your medical payments insurance coverage from your own automobile insurance.
  • For car accidents in which you were a passenger—medical payments insurance coverage of the driver.

Workers’ Compensation and Liability Insurance

  • If you were injured at your job and it was caused by your employment—workers’ compensation insurance.
  • If any person or company is liable for your injuries—their liability insurance coverage. As your Warwick personal injury attorney will explain, you will probably receive payment for such insurance coverage at settlement instead of when the medical bills are incurred.

If You Have No Insurance

  • Your own personal funds, if you can afford to pay your medical bills.
  • Other possible sources, as explained by your Warwick personal injury attorney.

What payment options will be made available to you will depend on the nature of your case. If you are uninsured, you and your Warwick personal injury lawyer will save the bills and receive payment in the future if and when your case settles.

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