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Warwick personal injury lawyerIn this blog, a Warwick personal injury lawyer discusses the procedures undertaken by an insurance company as a personal injury case is processed.

Warwick Personal Injury Attorney Explains Initial Procedures
The first thing that happens is that the insurer is contacted and made aware of your case, and a file is opened. A claims adjuster will be chosen to work with you and your Warwick personal injury lawyer. This person will have the responsibility of processing your claim. As time goes on, it is possible that more than one adjuster may be appointed.

As the Case Progresses
Your Warwick personal injury attorney and the insurance claims adjuster responsible for your file will continue to communicate. Working independently, the adjuster will wish to establish the following:

a. Where the fault lies, and if there is any comparative or contributory negligence on your part (that is, if any actions of yours caused or increased your injuries);
b. Who might have seen the incident and can testify;
c. Where the incident occurred; and
d. Any documentation, including police, investigative or DMV reports, that concern the incident or your case.

Next Steps
Next, you will need to provide the adjuster with reports from physicians, therapists, medical facilities and other concerned personnel that document how you were hurt and what steps were taken. Your Warwick personal injury lawyer will need copies also. Documentation verifying whether or not you have lost time from your job will also be required as will any and all invoices for medical services and pharmaceutical costs. Meticulous recording of all invoices, pay and time statements and the like will be extremely important to the smooth progress and resolution of your case.

Seek Qualified Advice
Your Warwick personal injury lawyer can be your strongest ally as your case progresses. Contact Michael Meth at 845-469-9529 for sound advice and guidance.

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