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What Happens After The Trial?

What Happens After The Trial?

What Happens After The Trial?

When your trial for your personal injury case is over, you will either have a payment coming to you or you will have lost. No one wants to lose these cases, and your attorney does not prefer this outcome. If you do not want to take the case any farther, you must make sure that you settle on your attorney’s fees. If you continue to appeal, you will not have to cover all your attorney’s fees because a win in appeal could result in the guilty party paying your fees.

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When you win, you will have a payment due. The payment that is coming to you can be negotiated through the court in a number of ways. The payment can be made in one lump sum. Also, a payment plan can be approved by the court that will eventually pay off the amount that is owed to you.

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You can expect payment to come to you according to a payment calendar that is set down by the court. If the court does not set up a payment calendar, your lawyer will set up the payments.

Working with an attorney to get your personal injury case settled helps, but your lawyer does not stop working until you get paid.

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