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What Happens to the One Responsible for My Injury?

What Happens to the One Responsible for My Injury?

What Happens to the One Responsible for My Injury?

After you have been injured by another party, the person(s) or company you say is responsible for your injury will be contacted by the insurance company.

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The accused party, or a representative thereof, will be required to give statements and reports to an insurance claims adjustor. These statements and reports are most likely recorded and transcribed.

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Is the Tortfeasor Kept Updated?
The tortfeasor (the person(s) or company responsible for your injury) usually does not have any contact with their insurance company following the initial investigation. There may be an exception for cases of medical malpractice.

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What Will Happen to the Tortfeasor if My Case is Not Settled?
If the case is not settled, you and your lawyer can proceed to litigation, or a lawsuit. At this point, the tortfeasor will be contacted with an update. The insurance company will hire an attorney to defend the tortfeasor, who is required to cooperate with the assigned attorney. Even though the lawsuit will be brought against the tortfeasor, the insurance carrier of the accused will most likely be the one required to satisfy the settlement or verdict. Contact an injury lawyer today to begin the legal process.

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