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Working with a Defense Attorney to Settle Your Personal Injury Case

Working with a Defense Attorney to Settle Your Personal Injury Case

Working with a Defense Attorney to Settle Your Personal Injury Case

After an accident, you will likely want to resolve the case as soon as possible in order to move past this difficult time in your life. While you might realize that the insurance adjuster has the authority to agree on a settlement, opposing counsel can also provide additional information or even settle a case.

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Insight from the Defense Lawyer

The defense team will usually refer back to the insurance company and/or the adjuster in order to obtain permission to settle a case. However, he or she likely knows the parameters of available settlement offers. Your personal injury lawyer might be able to obtain this figure by asking the right questions similar to the following: “What course of action would you suggest if you were me? How much do you think the case is worth?” Once your lawyer receives the answer, he or she can increase that amount by 50 to 100 percent, depending on the nature of the injuries and damages, the type of liability and the size of the lawsuit.

As the trial date approaches, the defense lawyer might increase the amount of a settlement offer. However, his or her job is to offer you the least amount of money possible.

The Goal of an Insurance Defense Attorney

A defense lawyer earns his or her keep by settling cases for as little as possible or by winning a case at trial. He or she will not be best friends with your lawyer and will likely not aggressively pursue a settlement unless they think a trial would be financially expensive. It might be in your best interests to settle a smaller case and avoid the delay of a trial.

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A personal injury attorney will offer counsel regarding the benefits and disadvantages of settling your case prior to a trial. Call our legal professionals if you have questions about your case.

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