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hackensack long term disability lawyerIn order to give your Hackensack long term disability attorney the best chance of helping you win, you must be as truthful as possible.

You may be uncomfortable admitting that your case may have problems, but it is very important to be completely honest with your lawyer from the start.  With notice, your Hackensack long term disability lawyer may be able to mitigate the problem or even reframe the issue so that it matches up with the medical evidence in your file.  However, if you wait until the hearing before revealing some piece of information that makes it sound like you are not disabled, it will be much harder for your lawyer to effectively make your case for benefits.  Most importantly, your disability attorney needs to know nearly everything about your employment history and daily activities.

Employment History. Almost all long term disability cases are decided based on the claimant’s ability to work, not only on his or her medical evidence.  Your attorney will need to know the easiest and most simple job you have held in the past 15 years and then will discuss with you why you can no longer perform that job.

It is not enough to argue that an employer would not give you that job today.  Instead, you have to demonstrate how your physical or mental disability prevents you from performing the tasks of the job even if you were hired.

Daily Activities. You do not have to be completely incapacitated or bedridden to qualify for benefits.  You can be honest and tell the judge if sometimes you feel better than on other days.  The important test is whether you are sufficiently disabled so that you cannot hold a full-time job.

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